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When it all unfolds, you will then know that the Bible told you so. You will then realise that it wasn’t the bible that deceived you but those who call themselves atheist who deceived you that there is no God or that the bible is contradictory.

The fool has said that there is no God, but the fool has no answer as to why humanity came into existence. One beautiful thing about the bible is that, it doesn’t give room for opinions. Facts don’t have and need opinions.

The bible makes claim of God being the creator of heaven and earth, animals, plant, etc. It makes claim of God being the one who caused many languages to exist as a result of bringing confusion in the only one language that was spoken by men. Can the atheist tell us how languages came into existence? Of course not, but the good book tells us how languages came about.

The Bible makes claim of Adam and Eve being the first human beings ever created by God. God alleges and yes He proves what He alleges beyond every reasonable doubt. The bible makes claim of God being the one who founded nation Israel.

The bible makes claim of Jesus Christ being the savoir of the World, and whose salvation does not deal with only man’s eternal separation from God, but it will also deal with the salvation of this planet earth, including the salvation of the earth from all kinds of war among nations.

The so called atheists have no knowledge about the future and I guess they must be already confused about what is going on now in the world. Well, the bible they reject makes a claim of how the future is going to be like just as it made a claim of the coming of Jesus Christ in the OT and His coming happened right on the land of Israel.

your inner peace and stability is more important to God. Therefore, Pay attention to the bible, which is able to make you wise ( 2Timothy 3:15), not an atheist who cannot make an authoritative claim of how things came into being.

You cannot be wise by listening to an atheist when it comes to spiritual matters since he(atheist) is described by God as a fool (psalm 53:1). We live in bad times, seek wisdom from the wisdom book. Shalom!

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