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Human beings can make threats, put fear in man, but one thing is true – God is the only one who can destroy this planet earth. There have been wars and rumours of war since the fall of man, and there shall continue to be wars (whether local or international) until Jesus Christ returns at His second Advent to stop every War by any gentile nation.

Until that happens, Christians are to put their trust in what scripture teaches and put on the whole armour that has been given to them in the Word. It is an armour of the mind, not the body.

The Bible is not a book of charismatic and pentecostal flatteries and promises. The bible does not flatter minds and tell Christians – “you shall not see war in Jesus name” so that you respond with Amen! That is not what Bible Christianity teaches.

The Bible teaches Christians to realise that they live in a problematic world and that they should face every problem that the present world brings. The Bible wants us to understand that here is not our home as Christians. That is made clear in the Bible.

Again we wrestle against evil forces (Ephesian 6) who also have power to operate or influence leaders to engage in War. While we need to pray concerning every situation of our lives and country, Scripture wants us to guard our souls so that when things escalate, we don’t fall into shock.

Now, imagine an African Student in Ukraine, who throughout his Christian life here in Africa only heard from his church that “you shall not see war, you shall not see problem, blalala. Now that he/she is in the midst of war, what good have those false teachings of baseless promises done to them, or will do to them?

While some generations of the church in this dispensation may enjoy some comfort and peace depending on which geographical location they live, others in different geographical location through no fault of theirs may experience all kinds of war and even natural disasters.

The preacher man must build minds that can stand in difficult moments, not noise making by shouting or disturbing communities with music, flatteries, giving false hope, and the usual nonsense we know some are good at.

If you have peace and comfort wherever you are now today, be thankful and enjoy that peace…. But when you lose that national peace, just know that Jesus Christ or the Bible did not promise you peace in this period of our time.

Surely, there will be time of universal peace when Christ finally sets up his kingdom at His second coming, but until that happens, there is no guarantee that we shall “always” have international, national, or local peace. Lord Jesus come quickly, and Lord help us. Shalom!

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